Bradford 'Top of Town' survey
Bradford Council has been awarded over a million pounds to deliver public realm improvement projects for the Top of Town and wider City Village area of Bradford. The aim of this consultation is to get people’s thoughts and ideas at the pre-design stage, on potential improvements to public realm in the Top of Town, as well as ideas for the wider City Village area (further information about City Village is available in the FAQs). Public realm includes outdoor areas which are in the public domain such as streets, urban spaces and squares. Improved public realm in the Top of Town can help deliver a safe and healthy environment where people will choose to live, work and thrive and where businesses will want to invest, trade and grow. If would be very helpful if you could spend a few moments completing the survey below. It will be open until Monday 1st March 2021. Please read our FAQs page for further information about the consultation..
Which of the following areas should Bradford Council prioritise in public realm improvements in Top of Town?Please choose up to three options

A historical view of the Richard Oastler statue (click to enlarge)

The current view of the Richard Oastler statue (click to enlarge)
Would you be happy if the Statue of Richard Oastler was re-sited and a new public open green space created in its current place off Northgate?Please choose one option

Should Bradford Council look at ways of improving public realm at Rawson Square, including re-siting the Statue of Richard Oastler back to this location and creating a new public space?Please select one option

Which of the following areas of public realm should we prioritise to improve North Parade high street?Please select all options that apply
We are keen to understand if residents are comfortable with the current on street parking provision in Top of Town or are open to the Council exploring other ways to use these public spaces. With this in mind:
Is the amount of on street parking provision at the Top of Town suitable?*Please select one option

*The initial option of There is enough already was changed to I am happy with current provision on 02.02.2021 to ensure clarity on the available options.

What other public realm improvement projects should be prioritised to make the most of Top of Town and wider City Village housing scheme's potential?
Your age:

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